Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Last Friday's Dinner

My parents are away until next month.. naah.. 
I prefer my parents here, but I always getting fatter when they're here (>.<)

Soo, last week I went to TODAI at Marina Bay Sands.
It is a buffet restaurant. I love eating there because they have Korean Food (>.<)

Miso Soup (Japanese Seaweed Soup),

Galbi (Korean Marinated Beef Short Ribs) and

Japchae (Korean Stir Fried Sweet Potato Noodles with Veggie)

They had Seafood too! 
I like crab, but I prefer raw crab. I think that raw seafood is more tasty than the cooked ones. They had the raw ones, but I forgot to take the picture 

Abalone Rice Soup

 I gave 9.8 out of 10 for this one! This was soo freakin' good. ❤ 
I love how they made the soup and the abalone so tasty.
The taste was match with the rice, so I enjoyed it. 

This is me and my mom!
After we ate, we took a picture to see how happy we are!
Ignore my ugly face because I don't really like to take a picture hehe 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Craving for Fattening Foods

I don't know why, but these days I feel like I want to eat as many as food that I see..

I want eat Indonesian food, Korean food ANYTHING T_T
I've gained 2 kg because I couldn't control my appetite  T_T

This is the one that I love the most.. Steak with fries

I love this.. Spaghetti with chicken and a lot of cheese

 Guess what? LAKSA SINGAPORE. 
It's been long time I didn't eat Laksa :'(

Oxtail Soup! I love this food.
Even though the soup is slightly oily, I just finish it all hahaha

Who doesn't know Fried Bee Hoon?
this is one of the best Asian food.. less calories than noodle, but still.. Fattening :(

Grilled Squid with its egg inside!
Ahh I miss Indonesia :(
I love how Indonesian cook the squid with the really juicy sauce and I couldn't find the same taste of this squid in Singapore T_T

Lastly, Foie gras with Uni T_T
I love how tasty foie gras is.. I feel like it's melt on your mouth..

Mango Smoothie
I love how juicy it is and I always drink more than a glass after I ate all those fattening food hahaha, and after that I told myself like "It's okay laa. you're still growing" but after that, I always complain how fat I am huhuhu 

After I saw all those picture, I feel like "Good laa!" hehehe 

Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I feel like "how come I'm this fat?" "Why can't I be like others, skinny and pretty?" but after I see all those food, I realize that I love fattening food 

but I wanna say thanks to my mom who took all of the pictures ❤ hehehe

Monday, 11 November 2013

Does age matter in relationships?

(health.ninemsn, 2013)

          Why does age not matter? This is because age is only a number. Some people say that older people are more mature in their thinking and that younger people are childish. This is not always the case, as it depends more on character. If two different personalities and characters can get along well, then age is really just a number.

          Where it affects: Age affects when it comes to biological changes and requirement. If a couple in a relationship want their own child, and the man or the woman is too old, then they might have to adopt. Also, if a woman is too old, she cannot get pregnant. If the man does not mind, then age really does not matter.

          However, age does matter where some people are really less mature as they are still young and not experienced life as much as people who are older and more mature because they have experienced so much more in life. The one who is older and more mature then may suffer more in the relationship because he or she has to tolerate the immaturity of the younger person.

          Overall, a relationship is built on understanding, trust, and love. If these things are most important, age does not matter.

(nothernstar.info, 2013)


(Uthmag, 2013)

         Multiculturalism is defined as many cultures in one place. In this essay, I will discuss the effects of multiculturalism in Singapore. Singapore is considered a multicultural nation because of its different races, and cultures. The four main races are Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. In the recent decade there are more than these races as there are also citizens from other countries, and all over the world, and I am an example. 

     Multiculturalism has both positive and negative effects. One positive effect of a multicultural society is that we can learn from other cultures, and that it makes getting to know people all the more interesting. Citizens of a multicultural country are also trained to be more adaptable, as we learn how to get used to different cultures and people easily, and when we are exposed to it in different countries, it does not shock us or surprise us.  The negative possibilities of multiculturalism are that it could result in misunderstandings due to the differences in culture. It may lead to dangers such as racism, disharmony, biasness, disrespect, and even riots if we are not careful to respect one another’s cultures.

           In the modern world today, multiculturalism is inevitable because the world is getting smaller and more connected due to globalization. People are getting more economically empowered and they have the choice to immigrate across countries, places, and cultures. Immigration policies in country have become less strict and more countries are now open to migrants, as it will strengthen the economy, allowing for multiculturalism to take place. Therefore, because this change will only happen and continue, we must not only be tolerant but also learn from and embrace one another’s differences, as we need one another in the same country, and the same members of one society.

(kidsministryleaders, 2013)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Free Dress Day: Halloween 2013

So last Friday was Halloween but not quite Halloween though.. (because it was November hahaha)
And then this is a really late post.. I'm so sorry :(

So.. we should dressed like any character , dressed up with black/orange color or as student^^

So, one of my friend was dressed as Pippi Longstocking!
So cute isn't it?

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional character in a series of children's book by Swedish author.
And of course my friend is from Sweeden hehehe

This is Alice in Wonderland version Mongolia! <3

Pippi Longstocking, Alice in Wonderland and Olivia haha^^

I didn't get a chance to take a picture with them :(
I just the one who took those picture :)

I'm too lazy to be dressed like them, so I just wear my lovely uniform hahaha <3

Friday, 1 November 2013

My Last Love - Historical Fiction

this is the cover of my historical fiction hehehe :)
I made it by myself and it was messy-_-

Author: Olethea

Main character: Arimbi and Daniel Both

Genre: Romance, Drama, Tragedy

This Historical Fiction dedicated for my teachers who helped me with my english hehe (ms. Priscilla and ms. Rennie)^^

This is my Mother Tongue Class assignment hohoho. The topic was Historical Fiction. I have chosen WWII story - when the Dutch colonized Indonesia.

So.. Enjoy! hehe

My name is Daniel Both. Once upon a time, there was an Indonesian woman name Arimbi.  My father is a Dutch general; he is kind and nice to everyone, and also to Indonesians. On 1st August 1919, I was in Edo Rice Field, Bandung, Indonesia. My father sent me there to patrol the fields to see how the farmers harvest their spice plantation. It was a good day. Suddenly, something caught my eyes. Someone was giving food to her father, Edo, and it was a beautiful young woman. I got to find out that her name is Arimbi. That’s how I met her. I ran back to my dad, Pieter, to ask him to make Arimbi our house helper. I wanted to be closer to her and get to know her. I would help her with the housework, then I can talk more with her. I would see her everyday and we talked to each other all the time. As time goes by, we slowly fell in love with each other and I knew I wanted her to be mine.

However, Nancy, my mother, found out that Arimbi and I were in love and dating. She was very mad and wanted us to break up. She did not want me to marry Arimbi because of our difference in status. Horrible things started to happen. Nancy even started to treat Arimbi terribly. I would discover bruises on Arimbi’s arms; I found her crying when I asked her what happened. Even her face was marked with red bruises like somebody slapped her hard. I decided that I had to stop this torture. She was hurt and so was I. I told Arimbi that she had to run away with me from this place. We could start a new life together and no one would stop us. We ran as fast we could and escaped to a forest in Bandung.  When I decided that we were safe enough from the place of danger, I proposed to Arimbi and told her I wanted to marry her.  I took her hand and knelt down, saying “Arimbi, I promise to protect you for the rest of my life. I want you to be mine and we will be together for as long as we live. Let’s be married. I want to be your husband and I want you to be my wife. Mother may not want this but I know our Fathers will agree to this.” We got married shortly with my father and Edo’s blessings. We decided to build our home there where we made a hut in the middle of the forest.

This is my Historical Fiction that I hand it in to my teacher hehe

After a few months, my life turned for the worst. The Dutch police found out that Arimbi and I were hiding in a hut in the forest. They had been looking for us, thanks to my cruel mother. One terrible day when I came home to the hut, I heard a loud scream. I was shocked at what I saw in front of me. My beloved wife was pushed to the floor with her long beautiful hair roughly pulled by a Dutch police monster, and another Dutch police who was pointing his shotgun at her head. The moment she saw me, she cried out, “Save me!!!!” I ran towards her but the Dutch Policeman who was pulling her hair said roughly, “Come any closer and we will finish her off.” With tears streaming down her face, Arimbi looked at me and said, “I do not think they will let me go. I have your child my Dear. I’m sorry I could not protect our baby. I love you.” I screamed her name and the next thing I heard pierced my ears and heart. “BANG!!!!!!” My wife fell on the floor, lifeless.

My life since then was filled with emptiness and loneliness. Why couldn’t I keep my promise to protect my only love? Since I cannot do it. There’s no point in me remaining here. I would be happier being with my wife and child in death. The day was 1st August 1921. I decided it would be a good day. I took the gun, and put it in my mouth and prepared myself to see them again, I pull the trigger.

How was it? Pretty bad, huh? I hope I will get good mark on this assignment hehe^^

She put all of our work on the wall of my class><
As you can see is not only Bahasa. There's Mongolian, Chinese, Sweden, etc. hehe :)