Tuesday, 18 November 2014

“You aren’t sorry you cheated, you’re sorry you got caught.”

Cheating is taking shortcuts to something and achieving results with no or minimal effort. Before we continue, there are different types of cheating and some of the more common ones are in exams, test, sports competitions, as well as in relationships. For example, in exams some people cheat when they go against the rules by bringing formula sheets into the exam hall or simply by looking at other people’s work. In sports, you are supposed to rely on your natural effort or body limits instead of doping with steroids and other substances. Therefore, sportsmen cheat when they take steroids and win because it is unfair to their competitors. Finally, cheating in exclusive relationship means that one party is involved with someone else without the partner’s knowledge. This can happen in business and work as well.

I disagree with all forms of cheating because I believe that it is wrong. Firstly, it is wrong because I have an idea of what is wrong and right from what has been taught to me – morals. Cheating is wrong because one is competing with others and by taking shortcuts to the end goal; it is unfair to the rest who did not cheat. Also, cheating is something that I do not agree with because it is not ethical as it is like lying to everyone around you about your ability. Cheating gives people a false idea that the one who cheated is successful but he actually reach his goal by taking shortcuts.

The effects of cheating may seems very positive at first because it can give you fantastic result without having to take the difficult way out. However, it is a form of denial because one has never really tried to achieve something with total honesty and natural efforts that may also achieve great results. Therefore, the results of cheating do not reflect the true potential of a person at all. It is very tempting to cheat because people admire you for your success but once found out, it can be very disappointing and destructive to your reputation and relationship as it destroys people’s belief in you.
Although cheating maybe tempting, we have already argue that it is after all the easy way out and in reality the person is either in denial or lying to the whole world. Therefore, I would like to suggest mindsets that can help people overcome the temptation of cheating in today’s world where everything can be obtain almost immediately due to technology. Firstly, one must understand that it is important to be true to oneself and success or failure does not say anything about the person at all. To recall my point out about morality mention in my introduction, being honest and true is a reflection of a person’s character.

In conclusion, it is more important to have integrity in everything we do so that we do not give people false impressions of who we are. Once we can accept ourselves and value the lessons of failure, we will not be afraid to try with our complete efforts instead of the easy way out of cheating.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Ciri-ciri orang yang jatuh cinta

Aku kaget gimana "Cinta" bisa ngerubah seseorang 180 derajat dari dirinya sendiri.
"Cinta" dalam Kamus Bahasa Indonesia itu artinya "Suka Sekali", "Kasih Sekali", "Ingin Sekali" dan "Risau". Kalau di dalam point of view aku sih, mungkin lebih ke "Risau" gara-gara remaja jaman sekarang sering banget galaunya. iya, nggak?

Baru-baru ini aku liat beberapa orang terdekatku yang lagi "jatuh cinta", bisa dibilang kasmaran. mereka head over heels in love sama pasangannya. Mereka ikutin apa yang dikatakan oleh lawan jenisnya, meskipun harus bohong ke orang yang nggak boleh kita bohongin..

Tapi aku sadar, aku juga kaya gitu. Kita mau muasin apa orang yang kita mau sedangkan kita kesampingkan kemauan kita sendiri.. Tapi akhirnya lo sendiri yang rugi, ya nggak? well, nggak rugi rugi banget kalau pasangan lo suka juga sama lo

Kita sebagai cewek, pasti memberikan banyak hal tanpa diminta. Malah kadang kadang berlebihan. Contohnya gampang banget, memberikan materi, kasih sayang, perhatian yang lebih kepada orang tersebut. nggak usah kamu minta dia pasti kasih, well kalau ceweknya bener-bener suka bukan yang main main.

Pasangannya itu prioritasnya. yes yes, that's bullshit kalau kamu bilang temen kamu itu prioritas kamu. Cowok yang kamu suka bisa aja nggak suka kamu juga, tapi kamu tetep prioritaskan dia kalau dia lagi butuh kamu atau mau ngombrol sama kamu kan? :p
kamu pasti bela pasangan kamu kalau ada apa apa xD ini sih aku banget.. haha

Nolak cowok lain soalnya kamu suka sama orang lain. Well, kalau cewek sih ya mungkin "siapa cepat dia dapat". Tapi beda kalau ceweknya agak-agak populer, kadang kadang cewe suka bingung pilih yang mana. eh, satu satu dicoba deh. emang cowok tester apa, mba? tapi nanti ujung-ujungnya nyesel, nyesel apa yang udah mereka lakuin. Ini berdasarkan pengalaman, lol.. jadi pilih aja yang kamu bener bener suka ya, aku sempet pilih yang aku bener-bener suka.. tapi kayaknya aku salah pilih

Cewek pasti hapal setiap detail yang lawan jenisnya katakan, yang menurutnya penting. yes yes, dari mulai lagu, chat, telfon, video call hahaha serem ya? nanti juga lupa lagi kalau suka sama orang yang baru

Tapi aku juga sadar, cewek yang jatuh cinta itu banyak maunya tapi nggak tau apa yang bener bener dia mau.. well, nggak usah lagi jatuh cinta cewek juga udah gini, apalagi kalau lagi pms. cewek mau cowoknya ini lah itu lah. Tapi pas cowoknya kayak gini, dia berubah pikiran, bilang cowoknya berubah lah atau gimana. Menurut aku sih ya, hal kaya gini itu wajar. Istilah gaulnya sih, kan kita masih "ababil" atau "abg labil" lol.